It all started off as a series of doodles on a paper napkin. I first sketched a hamster, and then an owl, followed by a panda. To make things interesting, I decided to make them all look utterly terrified! And then it struck me - why not make these into T-Shirt designs? Most of the cute animal shirts out there show fluffy and happy little creatures, but what about cuteness due to fright?

Through the frightened, petrified, and horrified expressions of adorable animals, I sought to accentuate their cuteness through means other than the over-used complexions of joy and happiness. And then of course, there is a back story as to why the animals are so scared: something has been abducting them one by one, leaving no trace behind other than polaroid photographs of the poor little critters. You can read the full story here

Eventually the Petrified Panda collection started to include a variety of other designs, from the Pug who's way too cool to the Cheeky Hipster Cat. Take a look through the store and hopefully you'll find something interesting!

Being a big animal lover, I make it my goal to donate a portion of all sales towards combatting animal cruelty. You can click on the "We Help Animals!" link in the footer to learn more about our charitable efforts.

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